Friday, October 7, 2011

Foo Fighters Friday: post-concert edition!


oh, yes. we had really good seats.

Our seats gave us a straight-on view of everything, the fancy giant TVs and flashy stuff going on in the background, and the band. Then (as expected, this ain't my first rodeo) we had the Super Great View of the acoustic set that began the "encore". Which I still debate calling an encore, because I thought that meant it wasn't planned. I digress.

Sorry about the video quality, but rest assured, these are legal - the venue website said photography was allowed! :)

This concert was... epic. We had the most amazing time, partially because we knew our boy was in good hands, hanging out with his Auntie Ashley and Uncle Joel. And really... because how could we not?? My all-time, number-one, absolute favorite band!


  1. Friend I'm so happy for you. i know the sheer excitement you must been feeling. I'm shocked I didn't get more pics ;)

  2. WHHHAAATTT! Totally jealous - I LOVE me some David Grohl.

  3. Yay for awesome seats!! you know I love me a great concert! I get to see Josh Groban again in just a few short weeks, so I feel your excitement!


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