Friday, October 21, 2011

i'm not a writer

When things get hectic in my life, I don't sit down at the computer and write it out. I don't carve out "me time" to blog, or make notes about things to write about, or any of that.

If life is busy throwing lemons at me and my family, I'm busy catching them and squeezing the crap out of them, not here posting the lemonade recipe.

I wish I had that need to write, that feeling of knowing that if I just sit down at my computer and tap out my thoughts I will find a release, or a new perspective.

Doldrums seem to stifle me.

Don't be confused, I haven't been totally uninspired. My darlings at home make me laugh and feel joyful every day, and so that's where I put my focus. I love my moments with my little family, more than ever when the outside world is rainy and gray.

When the going gets tough, this tough guy here just hunkers down.

Tension steals my words.

So I'm not a writer, but I'm okay with that.