Monday, September 26, 2011

there goes my hero

(Gotcha! Not a Foo Fighters post.)

This is the story of us...
Sara & Nick - 1996

We met in high school, when he started dating my friend Kristina. They broke up, we stayed friends, and eventually started dating. 8 months is a long time in high school. We broke up over some dumb crap that I said. I moved away to college.

Fast forward 7 years, to 2003. I had moved to Georgia. I was visiting my BFF in Ohio, and her sister told me that she ran into Nick at the Post Office, where he said something to the effect of: "If I ever saw Sara again, I'd marry her."

Well. I had to call that guy, right? Lucky for me, his mom still had the same home phone number, and I still remembered it. I called, we talked.

We talked. For hours, every night for six months.

My BFF Julie had a small wedding back home that Valentine's Day. We hung out that weekend. Julie & I went to the mall for hair and nails, and this guy walked with us through the mall, then alone, carrying her veil. Because he told me he would help.

He visited me in April. And May.

It had all the excitement of a brand new relationship, with all the comforts of a long time friend.

I visited him in June. He proposed.

He moved to Georgia in July.

Together we moved back to Ohio in December of 2005. Rented a little house, got a little dog.

in the lobby of the Riviera, no we didn't get married at a window

We were married in March of 2006, at the Riviera Hotel & Casino in lovely Las Vegas. And lived happily ever after, so far!

So, I married my high school sweetheart, sort of. But he's always been my hero.


  1. Only two things you forgot(although, I realize this is the waaaaayyy shortened version, I think they deserve mention), I was sick as crap at julies wedding but wanted more than anything to be with you. Also, your mom didn't freak out when she saw I was all full of tattoos. Like it was meant to beeeeeee

  2. Oh my gosh. You guys are so so so cute. LOVE it. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Some day we will all hang out!

  3. soooo sweet. i love love love this story!! and Nick's comment???? man, you gots yourself a keeper!!

  4. That is the sweetest story ever! Your kid(s) are going to love hearing it one day. :)


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