Friday, July 15, 2016

what I might do

I start and I stop. I dive in, head first, and then the enthusiasm fizzles and I wait for inspiration to strike again.

Let's fire this thing up again. Because, why not?

It's the natural ebb and flow of life, and as long as I don't lose focus on the important things: family, friends, job... I'm at peace with my stop and start, bumpy roller coaster ride of personal interests.

Wyatt came along, and I completely and totally immersed myself in the infancy of my last baby. The last couple years I have really focused on my family. We've settled into our new house as a family of 4 and I honestly couldn't be happier with where I am.

The one thing that's pretty consistent is my love of reading. Fits and spurts, yes... but that's OK. In 2015 I passed my Goodreads goal by reading 28/25 books. Proud of that. This year I set a goal of 36 books. I'm behind right now but what's new? :)

While I'm on the topic of goals: here's one last thing for today. I've done a lot of thinking lately, and I've formed some strong opinions as I've moved through my 30's. I've posted a lot more on Facebook lately than I have in a long time. I like Facebook for having conversations and being able to discover new things I have in common with old friends. But as the Presidential election gets closer I might become more guarded there... it seems that people are less likely than ever to consider opposing opinions, and I don't have the time or space to argue with a brick wall. I will continue to speak my mind and further the discussion on things that I think are important, though.

I've also been spending some time reviewing books (posted on Goodreads and Amazon), and reviewing other products I find through Tomoson and Influenster (posted all over the place). An active blog will help me expand that little side project.

What I definitely want to do is start writing longer-form stuff again. I miss sitting down and typing out a bunch of words, just letting my mind explore a topic. And, it's good practice for my future career goals.

See ya soon!

Friday, May 23, 2014

now 26 weeks pregnant. wait, what?

Maternity clothes: Dresses. The weather has finally warmed up enough (jinx!)

Stretch marks: Yeah, but who cares.

Sleep: I like

Best moment this week: While Nick & I were deciding on a crib and tweaking our Amazon baby registry, Oliver got interested in looking at the baby stuff. We went through some books he could read to the baby, and somehow we came across this gem, which he INSISTED that we buy.
meet Mr. Rattlehead Pirate Dog

Movement: Here and there. Seems like just this past weekend I started feeling a whole bunch of regular movements.

Food cravings: Breakfast foods, cheese, and bread.

Gender: Boy!

What I miss: Hoooo boy. Being pregnant is not my jam.

What I am looking forward to: My next ultrasound. :)

What I have learned: Although we kind of have a history of making many life changes all at once, it's still stressful. Selling the house and growing a child at the same time is making me really, really tired.

Milestones: For the upcoming Memorial Day weekend, we will also be celebrating entering the third trimester. Wait, what?

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

I'm 19 weeks pregnant for the second time

Maternity clothes: Yeah, I kind of hate getting dressed right now. I have quite a few things that will work for spring... if spring ever comes. I'm mostly wearing leggings and Pajama Jeans.

Stretch marks: Present. I don't think they're getting worse, but it's hard to tell since the situation was pretty wrecked before.

Sleep: I am having SUPER WEIRD dreams lately. Like the kind where I wake up and have to convince myself that did not really happen. Some are just weird, like normal people in crazy situations, but some are straight up gross/scary.

Best moment this week: Not baby related... but Nick & I celebrated being married 8 years last week. I like him a whole lot.

Movement: Here and there. Seems like just this past weekend I started feeling a whole bunch of regular movements.

Food cravings: All things breakfast! This baby's official nickname is McMuffin.

Gender: I dunno yet, but we'll find out soon! Oliver is super excited to go to the ultrasound appointment with us!

What I miss: Beer.

What I am looking forward to: The ultrasound. I'm so excited to see my baby again!

What I have learned: Although we kind of have a history of making many life changes all at once, it's still stressful. Selling the house and growing a child at the same time is making me really, really tired.

Milestones: The movement, mostly. It's still like bubbles, or even popcorn popping... but I can for sure tell the difference between the baby and gas now.

Friday, March 28, 2014

street signs and books!

So this morning we're driving to daycare, and Oliver is telling me what all the street signs mean. There's the usual... STOP, Railroad Crossing, Speed Limit 35, etc.

Then he says "Oh! That sign says the Library is that way!" So I ask him if he wants to go to the library. He says, "nah... I'll do that when I get to college."


I may be overreacting here, but seriously? My kid's never been to a proper library?

Nick and I like reading and we also like devices. I have a Kindle, Nick has a Kindle, and Oliver even has that Tag Reader pen thing with like half a dozen books.

He also has a few favorite story books that we're getting super tired of reading over and over again. Why did I never think of taking him to the library and letting him borrow a few books and changing up the bedtime story rotation for free? Duh.

So we're going tomorrow and I'm stupid excited about it.

P.S. I'm on Goodreads, so my list of recent reads is there. I could have gone back in time and added in everything I've ever read, Harry Potter, Sweet Valley High, etc. but I didn't because lazy. I read a LOT of different genres, from YA to sci-fi to smut.

I'm doing their reading challenge for 2014... challenging myself to read 20 books this year. It doesn't seem like much of a challenge, but considering that I go in spurts of reading, 4 books in a row and then none for months... I'm aiming low.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

the new and different things


Wanna buy a house? We're selling the house (trying to at least), and looking for a new house with either an extra bedroom or a finished basement or both. Our current house is a ranch, which is great for old people and stuff but not so much for people that need storage or plan to have more than one child.

Because I'm pregnant ::confetti:: and a three bedroom with no basement is already not cutting it.

Yay baby! I'm 17 weeks along right now, and we're all very excited. Oliver insists it's a baby sister; I have no idea whatsoever. I do want to do some sort of pregnancy thing for this kid like I did with Ollie... at the very least because this will be my last pregnancy... so maybe I'll resurrect the quiz thing, that counts!

Speaking of which, 2 months later... how are the resolution/goals going?

Writing more has not really panned out. Obv. I have been reading more though, so I give myself half credit on that, since it involves my brain + words.


Let's see... I'm doing well with the water, and I'm pretty proud of myself for checking in with friends. I love my friends and it's easy to send a quick text or email and keep those connections strong. I'm also counting my mom time in here, because she's also important and good for me.

The money saving thing kinda went haywire because of the house, but I'm getting stuff in order. Including unsubscribing from a lot of tempting emails - even Zulily!

I have been kicking ass at work lately. I should have put "kick ass at work" instead of "be on time" and then I could be all YEAH, go me!

And I have been happily focusing on my marriage... especially since baby #2 is due in August and I'm prepared for the adding of another child to our family resulting in decreased QT with my husband. I've got something up my sleeve for our anniversary at the end of the month, so this is check plus.

So I'm happy, stressed, focused and hormonal. Life is grand. Till next time!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

happy new year!

Here are my plans for 2014:

1. No fast food in January.
2. Write more, either here or elsewhere.
3. Drink at least 64 oz. of water a day.
4. Connect with a friend at least once a week.
5. Be kind to myself, relax and find joy in simple pleasures.
6. Save ahead for planned expenses like vacation, next Christmas, etc.
7. Refine my morning routine; be on time to work.
8. Cut out time-wasters. (Unsubscribe!)
9. Do one thing each day that will not need repeated.
10. Focus on my marriage. We are so, so worth it.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Just, NO.

There's a disgusting story in the news around my home town lately... involving rape that took place at a daycare. I can't even believe I just typed that sentence. A woman who worked as a daycare provider is accused of "engaging in sexual conduct with an unknown infant."

Normally I would cover my ears, scroll past news, and completely hide from a story involving anyone hurting a baby. My heart can't handle these types of mental images... I feel the pain of the parents as if it were my own.

But, for some reason, I didn't ignore the news this time. Maybe it was literally too close to home? I don't know. What I do know is that I'm sick over it.

Aside from the disgusting mental images my brain has had to process... the parents learned about this from the police and were asked to IDENTIFY THEIR CHILD IN THE VIDEO... and then the vile daycare ownership had the nerve to ask the parents to "keep it discreet."

Just... F no. No no no no no.

AND THEN. Apparently to just add insult to injury every news story online, be it Facebook or the local paper's website or whatever, there's some jackass that has to comment "Just watch your own kids, problem solved." or "This is why I never let anyone but my mom watch my babies." (Why do I torture myself by even reading the stupid comments?)

To them, I reply: F you. Get your stupid head out of your dumb ass.

Wouldn't it be nice if we lived in a fairytale land where everyone had that option? Whoever wants to stay home with their kids, they can! Both parents work? Well then grandma or somebody can watch them! Not some STRANGERS, right?


Ignorant. Self-righteous. Assholes. Some people are just terrible, awful humans and they could even be related to you. Reality check, moron: you really can't trust anyone. Unthinkable, but it's the truth.

You do your due diligence. Research, pray, go with your gut instinct, etc. and all of the above... but in the end, we really just put ourselves out there and hope for the best and God help us all because they're BABIES.

I'm sad. I'm scared. But yet I get up each day and take MY beloved son to daycare, where I know the teachers by their first names and I feel like they have his best interests at heart. Then I go to work, dig in, and wait to hear about his day. Every day, I hope it was a good day.

I do what I do because it's what I feel is best for my family, forever and ever, amen.