Friday, October 22, 2010

fail: a short story.

I was all proud of myself, smug even, that Oliver had never flipped himself off of the changing table. I even figured out ahead of time, before disaster struck, that the lap belt that comes with the changing pad could not contain him anymore. All it would take was a flip, crawl forward and he'd be free to stand up! And fly off the table! Oh ho ho I am so brilliant to have noticed this and not let him put himself in danger!


So this morning. I put him in his highchair for some Cheerios. (Oh, by the way, have you had the chocolate Cheerios? They're awesome! A low fat snack!) I get his stuff together, my stuff together, and run it out to the car. While I'm in the garage, I hear him start wailing  and I run in.

He's sitting on the kitchen floor, crying. My best guess is that when I (thought I) buckled him in, I didn't "click" the one side all the way, and he wiggled himself out. And then up and jumped out!

So I sat on the floor with him, and we hugged and about 3 minutes later he's all calmed down and petting the dog (whacking her on the head). But she let him, sweet pup. I gave him a cold bottle, because after thrice checking him over, the only probably injury was a possible fat lip. That seemed to make him happy.

Drive to school, tell the teacher about my ginormous lack of paying attention this morning, cuddle him a little more, drive to work. Sigh.

And by the way? It was picture day, so of course he'll probably have a nice fat lip or something in the pictures. We'll see.


  1. awwwwwwwwwwwwww honey! It totally happens! Poor sweet boy. I'm glad he wasn't hurt. Also? How dare you not tell me this story earlier. He's fine. And I'm sure he looked crazy cute in his pics.

  2. You are not the first mom this has happened to!! I've had WAY worse happen! Dropped Violet in the pool (I was WITH her) a couple times -- she popped right up, but it freaked me out, and the best: when I was preggers w/ #3, Violet dumped over the cart at Trader Joes and sent Sarah flying thru the air. The store came running at the sound of the wails. I stood there looking around wondering who's children were crying b/c I had my back turned. Banner moment in parenting :)

  3. Sara, Nothing I can say to make you feel better about that. You rolled off the changing table and two years later your brother did the same. I don't feel any better about it today. Well yea I guess I do cause you can tell me it's ok and you don't even remember it. Sorry, Love You, Your Mom

  4. Oh no!! I have a bad feeling that day is coming for us too. I sadly still step a few feet away while keeping a close eye on him, convinced that my cat like reflexes will come through if need be. Only I don't have cat like reflexes. Must quit doing that.

    I loooooooooooooove Chocolate Cheerios. I have a bowl every Saturday and Sunday. And sometimes for supper in a pinch LOL

  5. Sadness. It's nice how fast it's ok with them though - whenever I do something like that I feel so bad, and then remember that in 5 minutes she won't even be thinking about it.

    I have never heard of Chocolate Cheerios and I wish I never had. Because I'm craving them now.

  6. My kids won't eat the chocolate cheerios. More for me!

    Happy birthday to you!!


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