Monday, September 27, 2010

how the cable company changed my life

We cancelled it. That's right, no cable TV.

We cancelled the cable because ever since we brought Oliver home we were spending time with him and we weren't watching the shows when they first aired anyway. Plus, I noticed that when I was home and had a little while to veg on the couch I'd rather watch an old movie that I'd already seen 10 times than try and find something new to entertain me every half hour, ya know?

fear & loathing in las vegas, yes?
So we were paying about $100 a month to DVR our few favorites. As far as surfing, that was becoming a luxury that we rarely had time for, so the TV just became absent minded clicking for semi-interesting background noise. $100 a month for DVR & noise that just distracted us for the best, pure joy entertainment possible, our son!


So now, watching TV is special again. Aside from the whole Cleveland Sports Team Who Shall Not Be Named debacle that we have to drive elsewhere to watch, it's worked out really well. And imma go order one of those converter box thingys so we can get the local channels and solve that.

We bring the laptop to bed & watch our shows, (The Big Bang Theory, Modern Family & Parenthood) off the internet. On Friday nights (or some weeknights that have been particularly stressful days) we snuggle into bed with the computer and a snack and relax together. After the babe is tucked into bed we have an hour to ourselves to unwind. TV is special again because it's an occaisional event. We take care of our boy, and then take care of ourselves by laughing together & snuggling under the covers.

us, only younger


  1. Yall are so cute. And the O? He's awesome. Good idea. But our house might self destruct without cable :)

  2. Good for you guys! I've been trying to convince my husband to do this for two years now!!

    Your son is adorable! Had to follow :o)

  3. Good for you! I often think of cancelling ours (mainly when I open the bill). Oliver is just too cute!

  4. Maybe I could do this when Trent is bigger!...but right now I am soo bored all day at home with him and he just doesnt do too much I resort to the TV to keep my

    Plus definitely need the local channels...believe it or not Mike and I are totally news and weather junkies. :)

  5. Guys - it is awesome. Our life isn't "ruled" by TV anymore. And we didn't even know it was before!

    It's not for everyone, but it totally works for us.


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