Tuesday, March 18, 2014

the new and different things


Wanna buy a house? We're selling the house (trying to at least), and looking for a new house with either an extra bedroom or a finished basement or both. Our current house is a ranch, which is great for old people and stuff but not so much for people that need storage or plan to have more than one child.

Because I'm pregnant ::confetti:: and a three bedroom with no basement is already not cutting it.

Yay baby! I'm 17 weeks along right now, and we're all very excited. Oliver insists it's a baby sister; I have no idea whatsoever. I do want to do some sort of pregnancy thing for this kid like I did with Ollie... at the very least because this will be my last pregnancy... so maybe I'll resurrect the quiz thing, that counts!

Speaking of which, 2 months later... how are the resolution/goals going?

Writing more has not really panned out. Obv. I have been reading more though, so I give myself half credit on that, since it involves my brain + words.


Let's see... I'm doing well with the water, and I'm pretty proud of myself for checking in with friends. I love my friends and it's easy to send a quick text or email and keep those connections strong. I'm also counting my mom time in here, because she's also important and good for me.

The money saving thing kinda went haywire because of the house, but I'm getting stuff in order. Including unsubscribing from a lot of tempting emails - even Zulily!

I have been kicking ass at work lately. I should have put "kick ass at work" instead of "be on time" and then I could be all YEAH, go me!

And I have been happily focusing on my marriage... especially since baby #2 is due in August and I'm prepared for the adding of another child to our family resulting in decreased QT with my husband. I've got something up my sleeve for our anniversary at the end of the month, so this is check plus.

So I'm happy, stressed, focused and hormonal. Life is grand. Till next time!


  1. Wow. Are you me? We're listing our house in a few weeks. And having a baby in June. :) Best of luck to you! We can commiserate about the ridiculous stress in our lives thanks to home-selling and baby brewing.

  2. I can't wait to hear about the QT for the anniversary!!


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