Saturday, November 19, 2011

things I haven't mentioned yet

Here's five things you might not know (and one you probably don't care to know):
  1. I love rye toast with lots of butter. Really, I love all breakfast foods, just not in the morning. Eggs in the am? No thanks.
  2. I don't like shampoo and/or conditioner that's too heavy... if I can still feel the slimy-ness in my hair after I've rinsed, I'll rinse again. It creeps me out.
  3. I don't wear make up. Like Ever. For a special occasion, I'll slap on some eyeshadow and mascara, but that's it. No foundation, concealer, lip gloss... nothing.
  4. Sometimes I pick my nose without thinking about it. At first I'm all: eww I'm gross. Then I'm all: man, I hope no one saw me do that.
  5. I'm afraid of deer. They're just so... jumpy. This is the time of year they get extra jumpy too. I'd rather deal with a spider or a slug or some other weird nasty thing than a deer.

1 comment:

  1. Dude. This one time we were driving home (pre kids). It was Christmas time, it was winter and chilly and dark. We pulled over at an abandoned gas station. There was a pack of deer just chilling. And then I was scared to pee.

    Because I was afraid they were going to come over and bite my ass. I swear. J still laughs when we pass that place.

    I hate seeing those mofos out when I'm running because I swear they are gonna come get me.


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