Friday, November 18, 2011

to lovey, or not to lovey?

Yeah, it's not up to me. I was one of those parents who decided that it wouldn't be bad for my kid to have a lovey. Some random toy that will calm him, make him feel safe, be a familiar friend in a strange and/or new situation? Fine by me!

So we started out with me assuming everything Oliver became remotely attached to was destined to become "THE thing" and I'd start researching how to get my hands on backup copies... Patrick from SpongeBob beanie baby? Got two. Taggies blanket? Check. Ridonkulous sock monkey thing... uh oh, am I in trouble? I don't know where that came from!

My son is on the opposite side of the lovey argument, apparently. Any of an assortment of "nigh-night" blankets is fine. His only thing is that most nights he wants to pick out a new one from the drawer.

This post was inspired by commenting on my friend Heather's blog... click to see her son Jack's lovey, Dee-Da.