Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday Confessions: laundry

I'm talking about laundry here? Really?

Until recently, as in the last month or so, I didn't use bleach on our whites. Bleach is scary you guys. It burns holes in stuff and can ruin a great sweater. Not that that's happened to me.

But the real confession is: I only use laundry detergent on like, every other load. Nick has asked me why we never buy laundry soap, and for some reason, I haven't told him this. (Hi, honey! Don't worry, the clothes are clean!!) Plus my friend just got a new HE washer & dryer and had to buy the special laundry soap so she gave me like half of a giant thing of it that she could no longer use.

So there's your money saving tip for the day.