Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Boo at the (CLEMet) Zoo

(show me your teeth, Ollie!)
Mommy + Oliver = <3
I have to say... I was unimpressed. The radio ads touted "family friendly fun!" that's "hairy, not scary!" (get it, because it was at the zoo?) but the problem was that the animals were, for the most part, sleeping. So... not much hair.
There were a few activities, like a Monster Mash dance area thing where we probably would have been trampled and a "spooky" greenhouse with lights in the trees and some good pumpkin decorations. There were bunches of kids and whole families in costume, a lot of people for a Sunday night, I thought.

The only animals we could really see were the ones that had indoor viewing areas: the elephants, which Ollie did NOT LIKE (they were they were too big, I think?) and a koala. Outside we saw a couple camels, a few reindeer (cool, but not in a lighted habitat area, so tough to see) a seal (NO SEAL, DADDY!) and the bears.

The bears made it all worth it. We pointed, said "see the bears, buddy?" and held him while he looked... and then my Ollie held up his little hand like a claw and said "RARRR."

We hung out by the dang bears until it was time to leave. I can't wait to go back to the zoo during the DAY. As far as the Boo at the Zoo event, maybe we'll enjoy it more when he's a little older.