Thursday, October 15, 2009

34 weeks

Maternity clothes: Went to the thrift store last week and bought two more shirts. But that's IT. I need to be buying shirts for my SON, not for me. I don't care if I wear the same 5 shirts every week... at least I'm at work, right?

Stretch Marks: BOO. They're getting darker. And spidery-er.

Sleep: My hips don't like to let me sleep. If they're not sore (thank you Tylenol) they still sort of ache and I have to roll over every two hours.

Belly Button: Flat flat flat.

Labor Signs: Nothing really, but at my last appointment the doc said he's head down! So the whole breech/possible scary c-section thing can be scratched off my Giant List Of Things To Worry About. (For now - I know babies are tricky.)

Best Moment This Week: The nursery is SO close to being done! Nick got the dresser put together and I did 3 whole loads of baby laundry! Just have to finish our organization of the closet and hang the artwork!

Movement: Ouch. He can now actually physically hurt me. It's still fun times when he's being all wiggly and stuff, but every once in a while he'll stop me in my tracks. Yes, dear, I get it. You're very very strong.

And when he gets the hiccups I feel it in my butt.

Food cravings: Totally baloney sandwiches. With cheese and mayo.

Gender: BOY! His name is Oliver Nicholas. I meant to do like a big announcement post and be all "We have a NAME!" But then I realized that by now everyone who reads this already knows what his name is.

What I miss: Being comfortable.

What I am looking forward to: Gosh, everything. Being a mom. Nick being a dad. Baby giggles. Little toes to munch on.

What I have learned: If you come across someone who always disagrees with you, or doesn't believe anything you say about your own body/pregnancy/doctor/experience/plans... stop sharing with them entirely! If they ask, the answer should always be: "Fine! Good! Thanks for asking!"

If they're not with you, they're against you. Or at least indifferent to you, which is just the same as being a selfish, unsupportive douchebag and not worth your time.

Milestones: Time to pack the hospital bag! We just have to decide what he'll wear home from the hospital.


  1. Spidery-er...lolz! I'm way excited too BB! Munching toes!

  2. Your belly button is flat? Isn't it supposed to pop out during pregnancy?

    And I love the name! It sounds very classy. :D


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