Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Blatant Attention Whoring

If you read my blog, please comment whenever you stop by!

I mean, it has been lovely just typing my thoughts and feelings and hitting the "Publish Post" button to sent them off into the abyss of the internet, but a girl can always use some warm fuzzy feedback!

(Because I know no one would dare leave feedback that is anything but warm and fuzzy for someone 8 months pregnant, right?)

Seriously, though. No pressure. Just a simple "I read this today" would do the trick. I really just want to know you were here!


  1. Consider it done. :)

    It's like a great adventure story. To be continued...
    I read it twice and go back to the previous episodes and try to imagine the end or more appropriately the beginning of sweeps week.

    Love You soooo much.

  2. Well, I was here and I did read it, I'm a fellow Bumpie.
    I can't believe it's almost time for Ninja due dates!

  3. LOL at that post title! XD
    Well, I read this today! And I hope you're doing great.


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