Monday, September 12, 2011

top 5: things I love about the internet

  1. Pinterest! Not only is there a ton of cool stuff to look at and give me ideas... (like birthday party stuff,  cute clothes, recipes, and decorating ideas) this is a great site for keeping track of "that one thing I saw on that one website but I didn't remember to add the page to favorites and what was it again?" For example, I get emails all the time about "healthy snacks for kids!" and "quick, easy, super simple on-the-go breakfasts!" and instead of saving the emails from now until oblivion, when I clear out my inbox and delete everything, I take a few minutes to flip through them and pin the ones that appeal to me. (If you'd like an invite to Pinterest, let me know.)

  2. Online shopping! I never make time to go to the store for random crap, like a planner or a new pair of shoes, so online shopping, especially Amazon with their free super saver shipping, is way convenient for me. Plus great stores like Old Navy have good, easy return policies for stuff that doesn't fit, so I don't get all anxious about returning something if it's too small or ugly in person or whatever. I also have an Amazon Wish List which is like pinterest in that I add stuff so I don't forget what it was that I saw, but people can buy me stuff! I have lists of stuff for me & Oliver, so no one ever has to guess what either of us would like for our birthdays or Christmas. I also have a wish list to remind me what it was I wanted to get for other people! Last year we did almost all of our Christmas shopping on Amazon.

  3. Swagbucks! Speaking of Amazon, I have gotten $25 worth of gift codes since I signed up with at the end of April. And I have about $25 more waiting for me to cash in! It's so easy to use: you earn for searching, watching online videos, I pretty much just spend a few clicks a day... and not only can you get gift cards, they also have a store full of stuff you can spend your Bucks on.

  4. Blogging - I have a few great girls that I call real friends now, thanks to this little blog. Plus, it's fun for me to think up new things to write about, and just put stuff out there that I enjoy... like Foo Fighters Fridays. Is it weird that I visit my own blog sometimes and just scroll through and watch videos and stuff? Plus this is as good a place as any to post pictures of my kid for my mom and aunts to see. Because he's really what it's all about anyway. :)

  5. Gmail. OK, this seems a little obvious, but I really do like Gmail way better than Yahoo. It took some getting used to, because it wasn't as pretty or something? And the "conversations" thing where stuff is all grouped together? Weird at first, but now I love it, especially the chat feature - it's how I keep in touch with my girl in TX and my dude in NY. Eh, Top 5 lists can be tough.

Angina's tough.


  1. Gah I love the internet. That's totally my top 5. You know my obsession with Amazon, easy returns and Gmail. What would we do without it?

  2. 6. Not having to pay stupid amounts for cable.
    7. YouTube
    7.1-being able to see John cusack slap the shit out of jack black whenever I want
    8. Memebase

  3. You have a dude in NY? Is that one related to Wolf or was it Stone?
    yer Mom

  4. I love this list, Sara! Will you send me an invite to pinterest? It might be the only way to clean my inbox of its 300 million messages! :)


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