Tuesday, October 27, 2009

36 weeks

Maternity clothes: Oh, yes.

Stretch Marks: I've seen worse... thanks to the internet.

Sleep: I pretty much just sleep in 2 hour increments, from waking up to roll over or pee or both. Practice for when he gets here... blah, blah, blah.

Belly Button: Upon closer investigation, it looks like I have about a half inch in diameter, but still quite a bit left in depth... so maybe it will stay an innie?

Labor Signs: Nothing.

Best Moment This Week: The other night we were playing with him! He kept sticking his leg out on my right side (I think it was a leg) so I would grab it & shake it... and he would pull it away. Then, after a second, he'd stick it back out again. Like, "I dare you to do that again". Sometimes Nick would push on him and he'd kinda push back. Already testing us, boy?

Movement: See above. Also: cervix clawing. With CLAWS.

Food cravings: Nah. I'm never hungry anymore. I actually got a warning at my doc appointment yesterday... I've lost 3 pounds in the last 3 weeks and I shouldn't let this trend continue.

Gender: Oliver Nicholas is due in 4 weeks!

What I miss: Breathing. Sitting. Pooping. Eating. Relaxing.

What I am looking forward to: Meeting my son!

What I have learned: Well, I hate to always be negative in this section, but this is really what I have learned: being one-upped, compared to someone else is just part of pregnancy. For some reason, everyone who has gone before you feels the need to impart some kind of "you a'int seen nothin' yet" wisdom/advice/pity/opinion. Hope for the pity.

You feel flutters? Just WAIT until you get kicked in the organs!
You think you're showing? Just WAIT til you can't fit into a muu muu!
You're uncomfortable/can't breathe/have back & hip pain? Just WAIT til you go into LABOR!
You think you're tired? Just WAIT til you have the BABY!

Aaaaaanyway, the point of all this is to say that it may be tough at times to just feel good about where you are in your pregnancy/life, but I've found that it helps to think that the JUST WAIT attitude may come from jealousy... or nostalgia maybe. They used to be where you are...

Tune in next year where I bitch about other moms comparing their kid to Oliver!

He's fussy? Just WAIT til he's constipated!
He's hit his terrible twos? Just WAIT til he's a teenager!

Milestones: Um, still need to pack the hospital bag. And buy everything he still needs. Basically, this milestone is a longer to-do list than before.