Thursday, August 27, 2009

glucose test = PASS

First, the glucose test is designed to check for gestational diabetes. You drink about 12 ounces of icky glucola orange drink (think: melted popcicles), wait an hour, then they draw your blood. It was good for me to know that there isn't anything I could have done "better" or differently to avoid getting GD, it's just a measure of how the body processes sugars while pregnant. Some women's bodies apparently revolt against them, refusing to process sugar properly, which can be all kinds of bad for the mom and the baby.

They told me when I went in for the test that "no news is good news" and that if I didn't hear anything, they would let me know the results of the test at my next appointment. Yeah, I'm not that patient. I called the nurse today, and she said my test came back completely normal, and on top of that, I'm not anemic either!
This is awesome news for me, since I've been having so many problems with eating/barfing/pooping... I just don't think I could handle diet restrictions or iron supplements (I've heard they constipate you).

So, Cheers! I'm going to go get a brownie!


  1. You're crackin' me up. I too love Ninja's and chuck norris. If you start at the beginning of my blog (about a year back - so it's quite a task) you'll find secret Ninjas hidden in many of my posts.

  2. LOL. How ironic. Orange juice for a glucose test. :D
    Congratulations on passing though. Hope you deliver the baby without any problems.


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