Friday, May 31, 2013

three and a half.

I love three and a half. It's like, he still a little bi-polar crazy person, with mood swings that put PMS to shame, but oh man he is so much fun.

Sometimes when he wakes up in the morning he's happy to see me. On days like this he will smile & tell me he slept well. Other days, he yells at me, demanding that I leave him alone. Oh, and fetch my milk, woman!

I let him pick his shirt: penguin or Toy Story? He giggles & smiles & laughs because, of course Toy Story!

Then he cries because his snow boots are too small. I tell him it's summer, his feet will get too hot anyway: this could either result in a meltdown or indifference to the fact that I am even in the room.

In the car, he cocks his little head to the side and looks at me in the rear view mirror saying, "Mommy! You forgot my gummy! SILLY Mommy!"

Thankfully we're still in the garage... so I obligingly run back in the house for the precious gummy vitamin.

We see a tractor. We listen to his current favorite song, "For the Longest Time" by Billy Joel.

He goes to school and learns to write his name.

Self portrait, signed by the artist. 5/27/2013

On Tuesdays he has soccer class. He stretches big, listens well, and admires Coach James.

has big muscles
He comes home and tells me he has fast running feet.We practice in the backyard and he shows me all his new skills.

Bedtime can go either way, but he's generally a good listener even if he's a little wild. That time between 6:00 and 8:00 at night can be so draining... we're all tired from a long day, you know?

But when I wake up in the morning to find this:

I can't help but smile. I've forgotten that he smacked me in the face with his empty milk cup. I listen to his peaceful, even breathing for a minute. I hope this morning will be more silly than grumpy.

The good always outweighs the bad.
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  1. ohmahgah he's so big. SO BIG. And then I see his tiny face in the blast from the past posts and omg. How did that happen?

    Also he's kicking ass at name writing. And I love that his favorite song is from the decade we were born. Or at least me ;)

  2. Bi-polar is the perfect way to describe a three year old, no doubt! Haha!

    I love the pic of him sleeping sideways on his bed - too cute!

  3. He's just like me! Up down. Up down :) Only I'm not cute and I have to take a fistful of medications :)
    My husband used to tell my son that he was just like me when he went into a fit...jerk.
    I think that 3 was my favourite year...4 is pretty sweet too.
    I wish that I could sleep like that...anywhere.


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