Sunday, November 13, 2011

Ollie's top 5 movies

Ollie's Current Favorite Movies:
  1. Toy Story (& Toy Story 3) He doesn't really care for Toy Story 2. Anyway: I took picture of the sky outside my office not long ago, because it reminded me of Toy Story.
  2. Cars (& Cars 2)
  3. Rio - the birdy movie. 
  4. Madagascar & Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa - these are interchangeable and can also at any time be referred to as "Alex the Lion Movie"
  5. Finding Nemo
Source: via Sara on Pinterest

Here are some things that can be regularly heard around my house:
  • How long is this going to TAKE?
  • Just take a look at this right here, loverboy.
  • Is it getting DARK OUT??
  • Good God, girl. You huge.
  • Birds versus monkeys!!!!
  • Noggin!
  • You ARE the bomb!
Actually, just rest assured that if you hear me or Nick say something and then giggle like 5 year olds, it's probably a quote from a movie intended for 5 year olds.

1 comment:

  1. Haha. Awesome. Ava never got in to animated movies. They are "too long". Not like the 4 episodes in a row of anything on Nick Jr she just finished watching.


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