Saturday, November 12, 2011

finding inspiration

Last week I decided to "clean out" my Google Reader.

If I'm going to be doing a bunch of writing, (which I am! Lookit me go!) and try and fit this whole NaBloPoMo thing into my regular life, without taking away from my family or any of my obligations... well,  I decided I only want to read things that inspire me, not just distract me.

I had too many blogs where I would just hit "Mark Read", so I dumped a few. It's not you, it's me.

If I followed a blog just because they had giveaways? Eh, not really interested anymore. Gone.
If it was a follow-back from a blog hop, and since then I discovered that we don't have anything other than that in common? Bye bye.

On the other hand, a lot of times my list gets long because I will read something on my iPod and "Mark Unread" so I can come back and leave a comment later, but as it turns out, only a few get that special treatment.

These are the people who inspire me. I get genuinely excited to see they've put up a new post. These are the people I want to engage with, pick their brains, or just sit back, read, and be in awe of some of the awesome people that the internet has helped me become friends with.

And now I'm caught up... so, does anyone have any uplifting, inspiring people or sites to share with me? (Or, you know, some funny stuff to make me laugh?) Share your favorites with me!

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  1. oh oh i have one for you- she doesn't have a ton of followers or anything, she doesn't write every single day, but holy crap when she does it's ALWAYS so moving and beautiful. (she mainly writes from the heart and about her heart- her 2yo daughter who is incredibly cute.)

    and yes, me likey all the writing you're doing! :)


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