Sunday, February 13, 2011

Oliver likes...

The lottery drawing. It's his favorite show.

The HH Gregg newspaper guy. Makes him laugh.

"uh oh!" It comes out sounding more like "ah ooh!" and is, of course, adorable. We're working on teaching him that it's not an "uh oh" if you do it on purpose.

Walking. This is his jam. His primary mode of transportation. He's still working on watching where he's going, though.

Peas, corn, meatballs, any and all fruit, and Wendy's chicken nuggets over McDonalds.

French fries dipped in Frosty. Another win for Wendy, that vixen.

His pup, Roxie. He laugh when she kisses him. She lets him hug her.

Books. Flipping the pages, pointing at animals, sitting in your lap. Cows say "ooooh".

Ducks. He has the Munchkin bath duck, which he used to be afraid of, but now he loves it's quack. As a sign of his genius, he now says "cah cahk" when he sees any duck, on a shirt, in a book, and every morning when he sees that inflatable fellow in the closet.

Kisses. Ok, maybe it's more something his mom likes, but Oliver gives kisses to people, Roxie, and the boy in the mirror. And he gives "nice nice" (hugs) to pretty much everything if prompted.


  1. These are so sweet. I love when they have their own words for things. I miss those days.

  2. Oh my god, he is so cute! This post makes me smile. :)

  3. Hiiiiii!!!!! :) It's March now. What is Oliver liking this month?


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