Tuesday, December 28, 2010

the past month

I have been loving living my life.

Things got kinda crazy there, with planning Oliver's birthday party, and then BAM, HI Thanksgiving a week later! But, you guys. I am freakin' HAPPY.

So, since I last posted:
  • the weekend after the big leap he came down with his first ear infection - but it didn't affect his demeanor one bit!
    Please focus on the sweet grinning baby boy and not
    my inappropriate dog in the background.
  • I turned 31 years old. Bought new pants.
  • Nick broke his toe - but it healed up just in time for "the" birthday party.
  • Oliver got a bunch of awesome toys for his birthday - including his "first" (read: ONLY) 4-wheeler! More party pictures coming - but how could I not post this face?
  • Winter came to Cleveland. December 1st it started snowing like hell. News people predicted Snowmageddon! In reality it wasn't that bad... but maybe I'm just a little tougher than the whiny pants?

  • We attended two company holiday parties in the same weekend... mine on Friday night, Nick's on Saturday. And on that Saturday night, another girl and I were wearing the same dress. It was totally a sitcom-moment, where I berate people for not telling me quickly enough that *of course* I looked better in it! And I did... see?
  • I did all my Christmas shopping on Amazon. It was the shit.
  • We got his pictures taken for his birthday and Christmas all in the same session. Here are the birthday ones... I'm holding on to the Christmas ones until I get to the official birthday recap. Nyah nah.
  • He started walking, kinda, but yes really taking real steps. About a week before Christmas. He gets so stinkin proud of himself when he does it too.
OK, that's all I'm posting for now. I just wanted to put these awesome pictures out there, and give a little update. But, I've got nothing to bitch about so this post is short & sweet. My husband is awesome, my kid is awesome, I'm busy being happy!


  1. YAHOO!!! So glad for an update! So glad things are going so well! So glad you've posted more pics of that adorable boy of yours!!

  2. Yay! And that makes me happy.
    Love, Mom

  3. Of course I love that grinning baby with his smoochy kissable face, but I have to say that one of you and nick is perfect too!
    Happy New Year xoxox
    Aunt Michele

  4. I love that little scrunchy nose thing he does! Adorable!

  5. Love the pictures of his first birthday - too cute!!!

    Also? Totally relating to the birthday a week before Thanksgiving! Two of my three kids have their birthdays the week before Thanksgiving as well (and mine is the week after, bummer, eh?). It is so hard to plan it all! Kudos to you for making it through with a smile on your face!

    Loved the comment about the matching dresses at the party - that's awesome, and I'm SURE if you guys were in People magazine you'd have totally won the "who wore it best" column. :)

  6. He's so cute! I love the pics and his wispy hair. :)


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