Thursday, September 30, 2010

Guest Post: The New Guy

t's only fitting that my first "guest post" come from my husband Nick! When I wrote about how the cable company changed my life and so many people commented about how they didn't think they could live without cable, my first reaction was "that's what we said!" I guess Nick had the same response, and felt so strongly about how the change has impacted our lives in a positive way, that he FINALLY agreed to let me post his thoughts here on the blog! *Please* leave a comment to make sure he feels the love!


I've thought about doing this for a while now...

Hi. I'm Nick. I'm Ollie's dad. How's it going.

Sara has been doing this blog for a while now and has tried to get me to write on here a couple of times. I've never been a blog type dude, but I figured "What the hell?" I will warn you now. I tend to ramble from time to time. You are just going to have to deal with it.

Having said that, I challenge all of you. For one week, pick two or three shows that you watch often, and only watch them. Nothing else. I've learned over the past 8 or so months that we haven't had cable, that I was really missing a lot. Go outside and play with the dog. Plant a garden. Go for a walk. Play a video game with your kids and husband/wife. (Guitar Hero is lots o'fun, plus you don't have to listen to raffi or whatever for a few minutes.)

Just Ollie, Sara, and me, in our own little slice of reality. I think we both stopped and (insert cliche) smelled the roses. We just enjoy looking at the world through a whole new set of eyes. Now that Ollie is getting closer to the big 1, to watch him learn and experience all this stuff that's totally new to him is entertaining enough.

Plus, Time Warner Cable service sucked.

- Nick


  1. That's awesome! Welcome to the world Nick (Bwahaha!) I'll be looking for your blog any day now. Haha. Kidding.

    But hmm...That's an interesting challenge. Often I find myself surfing and watching the most random crap just because it's on. But I could care less. Now whether the husband could part with ESPN? I doubt it. But it's still something I can do!

  2. Jess,
    First off, thanx for the Oliver book! Too cute!
    There are plenty of websites to watch shows, sports, movies, etc. If anyone actually cuts the cable, I would be happy to send them a list of some of the ones, both network related and, um, a little more underground.
    Thanx for reading!
    Ps. Tell hubby is good and always on!

  3. OK Nick...first you come to FL and talk my husband into DVR which added $10 to my monthly bill and now you guys go all "Ditch the Cable" on me. I really need you to visit again and set us up on your new plan. :-) I have my few favorite shows and Bo lives in the past with History, Biography & Andy Griffith. I know we can get those with a converter and a little extra computer know-how. If I divided our monthly bill by our shows...Ouch. Since I grew up in the time of free tv many is the time I've wondered how did I end up paying for this and paying so much and if I don't DVR I still have to watch all the stinkin commercials. You Go Guys!!

  4. i could easily give it up- but my husband would die without the cable internet service. so if he gets internet service from cable, i get to watch WEEDS. ;)


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