Thursday, July 15, 2010

a mash-up of firsts

Oliver, my love:

In honor of your 8-month day, (you will learn quickly that your mama is random like this... you might think that celebrating a half birthday/6 months would make sense, but that's not how we operate around here) here are a few "firsts" from your life up until now. You will also find out that I may not be the best record-keeper or the most faithful scrapbooker, but I will always be there cheering you on. With or without a camera in my hand, I will always be around for moments big and small, helping you learn and make memories.

With all my heart,

your first day at home - wearing your first hoodie

your smiles - my heart grew three sizes that day

sick appointment - diagnosis: blocked tear duct & a broken blood vessel

a round of shots - this only nearly killed your mom

here's the first time you met your friend Madelyn

and your first time trying "food", rice cereal

You make my heart so happy, baby Ollie.