Sunday, February 28, 2010

And they called it... Puppy Love

Roxie is a smart dog. As most dogs do, she knew early on that "something was happening" with me while I was pregnant. After he came home, she pretty much ignored him, the way she does with Elvis, Nick's mom's chihuahua. My thought was that she didn't really get that this little guy would affect her life... she probably thought he was temporary.

She was used to seeing all of his stuff, and smelling baby smells (especially since we would sometimes powder her) but she had to investigate all the new stuff in the house now that it was in use.

We let her sniff him whenever she wanted, which wasn't often... but when she did we threw a Good Girl! Party. I kept looking for some indication that she was warming up to him, but didn't get any...

This reminds me of another Roxie::human relationship that took a while to reach its full potential... and now look at them.


 Then one day, out of nowhere, she decided to check him out. She sniffed at the milk on his cheek, then gave him his first "kiss".

Since then, they've shared a little playtime here and there...

So. Even though she still pees in his room every effing chance she gets, I think it's gonna work out just fine.


  1. HA! That last picture looks like she's pissed you read her diary or something.
    Love, Mom

  2. Roxie is so sweet dog I also have a dog his name is Guyver his 6 years old now. I really love my dog I consider him as part of my family.Because he sleep at my bed he is the one wake up me every morning.

  3. what kind of dog is Roxie? looks just like my dog but with longer hair! and i have no clue what breed or mixed breeds my dog is.

  4. Rox was a shelter pup, so we're not absolutely sure what breed she is... but a couple of dog enthusiasts and Google suggest that she is part Australian Shepherd, mixed with some kind of terrier. :-)


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