Monday, December 21, 2009

Oliver - the first month

I never want to forget how quickly he changes. It's hard to remember every moment...

Learning breastfeeding together... I feel like it's something special the two of us were meant to share. One could not do without the other, and us together make this awesome thing happen... I am able to feed you, to help you grow.

Through the sleep deprivation and crying fits when I wished he would just go to sleep, so I could sleep...

When he was asleep and I would miss his eyes and his face so much... I just want to hold him and watch him. Awake or asleep, as long as he's near...

It's amazing how one tiny person consumes my whole life, what did I ever do without him?

For Oliver:

The first best picture your dad ever took of you... ready to head home for the first time.
The first day of the rest of my life.

 My love, you steal my heart when you make this "kissy face".

Sweet angel, sleeping peacefully... what do you dream about?

Your gaze focused on the light pouring in through the window.
Your first interests were the bright contrasts of windows and lights and the shadows they cast.

Looking at your Daddy. He's so proud to call you his own.

Our silly baby! Sometimes this is what you needed to fall alseep...

Bathtime, a household favorite!
Our tiny Soapasaurus loves the water, and the soothing music Daddy picks for us.

I just want to hold you, always. I can't wait for our lifetime of hugs!


  1. I actually LOLed out loud when I saw him sleeping with his head back. That is so hilarious. Just what I needed to start the day. It sure made mine.

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