Tuesday, September 15, 2009

30 weeks

Maternity clothes: Got a few more shirts while shopping with mom last weekend :-) So comfy.

Stretch Marks: New! Hiding under the belly where I couldn't see them! Nick said he actually saw them a while ago and didn't tell me.

Sleep: Finally got some good sleep the last two nights... I think the past few weeks I've had weird random things in the back of my mind that have been keeping me from really resting at night.

Belly Button: Slowly disappearing!

Labor Signs: Nothing new. Still have Braxton Hicks, but I have noticed that drinking more water has helped to at least tone down the intensity.

Best Moment This Week: Last weekend was awesome! Got to see my people all together and they all helped load me up on supplies at my baby shower!

Movement: He's a wild man! The other day I looked down and saw my belly do this thing kind of like when you drop a pebble into water and watch it ripple out... Nick saw it too. I love when he gets to see/feel that kind of stuff... he gets so happy!

Food cravings: The mac & cheese is starting to be less of a craving and more of the One Thing That Won't Make Me Feel Like Crap.

Gender: BOY!!

What I miss: Sitting. Here's a list of things that prevent me from doing this comfortably (in order from least to most annoying):

5. My baby boy crowding my ribs/organs. I love you, but KNOCK IT OFF!
4. My tailbone feels like I am sitting directly on it.
3. Lower back ache.
2. Swelling. Vagina swelling. Already.
1. Leaking. If I lean forward, it usually causes my boobs to leak a bit. Otherwise, lets just say that the "snail trail" can sometimes over power the pantiliner. TMI? Eh, deal with it.

What I am looking forward to: Decorating his room! I think we've decided to buy a dresser instead of refinish the old one, so I gotta go shop for that. And YAY, my bedding of choice was on sale last week and I ordered it and got it yesterday! Gonna wash it this weekend and start really putting together his room!

What I have learned: So this isn't a new thing, just a new application of an old thing. I tend to act more like a sane person when I remember to just "do one thing at a time, do it well, and THEN move on to the next." Thanks, mom!

Milestones: 3/4 done growing this baby! 2 months left! So exciting and scary at the same time!

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