Thursday, August 27, 2009

glucose test = PASS

First, the glucose test is designed to check for gestational diabetes. You drink about 12 ounces of icky glucola orange drink (think: melted popcicles), wait an hour, then they draw your blood. It was good for me to know that there isn't anything I could have done "better" or differently to avoid getting GD, it's just a measure of how the body processes sugars while pregnant. Some women's bodies apparently revolt against them, refusing to process sugar properly, which can be all kinds of bad for the mom and the baby.

They told me when I went in for the test that "no news is good news" and that if I didn't hear anything, they would let me know the results of the test at my next appointment. Yeah, I'm not that patient. I called the nurse today, and she said my test came back completely normal, and on top of that, I'm not anemic either!
This is awesome news for me, since I've been having so many problems with eating/barfing/pooping... I just don't think I could handle diet restrictions or iron supplements (I've heard they constipate you).

So, Cheers! I'm going to go get a brownie!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A poem

"I love you, little baby
You're such a part of me.
Can't wait to hold you in my arms,
And hug you tenderly.
No matter what you look like,
You're beautiful, my love,
A precious gift bequeathed to me,
From heaven far above.
Each time I feel you moving,
My heart is filled with joy,
To think that very soon I'll hold
My little baby boy.
I'm counting every moment,
Til you're mine at last, my sweet.
It won't be long until your birth,
Then finally we'll meet."
- Sharon A.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

27 weeks

Maternity clothes: Need more shirts! The ones I got away with back in the 10-16 weeks phase are SO NOT cutting it anymore.

Stretch marks: 3 around my bellybutton, and now introducing one on the top of each thigh!

Sleep: I've been sleeping better this week, only waking up maybe once a night. I still feel like I can't get enough though!

*NEW* Belly Button: Getting shallow.

*NEW* Labor Signs: I learned that Braxton Hicks contractions can be worsened by dehydration. So since everyone says they don't hurt and it turns out they DO... I hereby resolve to better monitor my water intake. *Ballcap over the heart* style.

Best moment this week: I'd have to say it was when the doctor congratulated me on "only" gaining 3 pounds.

Movement: All the time now! I think we've even established a pattern...

6:30 am: he starts to wiggle around and help me wake up

9:00 am: soft thumps to let me know he's ready for breakfast

12:30 pm: strong pointy kicking! (it's the mac & cheese, I'm sure)


7:30 pm: wiggly again, and recently he's been rolling over or something around now too.

10:00 pm: OK this week he's been doing The Weirdest Thing Ever. I'm laying on my side in bed and out of nowhere it feels like a small animal is trapped between my belly and the mattress!! The first time he did this I just tried to imagine what position he had gotten himself into to make this insane squirming thing happen... but then when he did it again the next night I had to Laugh Out Loud because impersonating a hamster must just be tons of fun!

Food cravings: If this boy is anything like his mama, he is going to LOVE mac & cheese!

Gender: BOY!! I believe we are close to bringing the name debate to a close. Stay tuned, y'all.

What I miss: I miss NOT getting stared at.

"Yes, I am pregnant. November. It's a boy. No, we haven't named him yet. Oh, you can really tell he'll be a big baby just by looking at me? Wow that's talent!"

What I am looking forward to: My baby shower Labor Day weekend! I get to see MOM and JEN and all kinds of OTHER cool family and friends! YAY!

What I have learned: Nesting is for real. When you don't think twice about buying new furniture (and the rug to match, of course), it's real. This incident actually made me stop and think... all the little things I was doing add up! (Like freaking out that the floors are dirty and WHY are crumbs STICKING TO MY FEET? Now, I have to force myself to NOT go to Target and buy a bunch of stuff to finish his room because WHAT IF I’m not ready when he gets here and he has NO SHEETS and NO cute things on the wall to look at and WHAT IF I get too tired in the next 3 months and OMG WHAT IF HE COMES EARLY?!? So, yeah, good times. Luckily these thoughts happen only about once a day and don’t last too long. Nick is good at talking me down too.

Milestones: Childbirth classes! Class participation! Nick had to wear a 25 lb. backpack to show him what it's like to carry the extra weight around. We practiced having him coach me through breathing and she showed the dads some massage techniques that should help me relax. I feel pretty good about it! Nick is going to be an awesome coach.

Third Trimester! Ack!

Friday, August 14, 2009

99 days left!

That is a VERY SHORT time considering that the countdown starts at 266!

Things I still have left to do:
  1. Childbirth classes/breastfeeding class/infant care class.
  2. Figure out some sort of clothes storage system. Do we refinish great grandma's dresser? Just use the cube thing from Target? Both? Neither and buy one?
  3. Buy craploads more diapers. Also, my plan is to have a couple of those neat all in one velcro/snap fancy pants cloth diapers around just in case we run out in the middle of the night. I'm so stinkin' smart.
  4. Clean everything. I know it's "nesting" and seriously, I don't care. He's going to be crawling around on THOSE FLOORS? GAH!
  5. Name this kid.
  6. Must Pass Glucose Test On Monday. (I am reminded of this by the 3 snack packs and small handful of Hershey's miniatures I ate today.)
  7. Smack the next person who says, "Are you eating again?" The UPS man just did this, for reals.
  8. Attempt to buy a dress for a late September wedding when I will be fully at the end of my 7th month that could possibly be used again for something some day.
  9. Eat more fiber.
  10. Figure out daycare.
  11. Find a pediatrician.
  12. Find a list of the million other things I'm sure I have to do but just don't know what they are yet.

Friday, August 7, 2009

25 weeks

Maternity clothes: Anything else would be inconceivable!

Stretch marks: 3 right around where my bellybutton used to be pierced. :-(

Sleep: Yes please! I wake up so much just to roll over. It's really starting to piss me off!

Best moment this week: I'm sitting at work, typing away, minding my own business when I feel a kick. It feels like a good one and I look down and THUMP I saw a kick!

Movement: Nick felt kicks! We were laying in bed at night after a long trip around Babies R Us. I guess that my walking around kind of rocks baby boy to sleep, because he was kicking away like crazy like maybe he just woke up from a nap, and Nick felt two thumps!

Food cravings: Mac & cheese still rules all.

Gender: BOY!! Still no names...

What I miss: I miss not feeling slow. Like I'm just so heavy that I have to walk more slowly to build up momentum.

What I am looking forward to: First baby shower this weekend!

What I have learned: Morning sickness doesn't stay in the first trimester! Sometimes it can flare up again whenever the hell it wants to. Annoying.

Milestones: Nick feeling kicks... it's so funny that getting kicked would make someone happy, but seriously you should see the look on his face...