Friday, August 14, 2009

99 days left!

That is a VERY SHORT time considering that the countdown starts at 266!

Things I still have left to do:
  1. Childbirth classes/breastfeeding class/infant care class.
  2. Figure out some sort of clothes storage system. Do we refinish great grandma's dresser? Just use the cube thing from Target? Both? Neither and buy one?
  3. Buy craploads more diapers. Also, my plan is to have a couple of those neat all in one velcro/snap fancy pants cloth diapers around just in case we run out in the middle of the night. I'm so stinkin' smart.
  4. Clean everything. I know it's "nesting" and seriously, I don't care. He's going to be crawling around on THOSE FLOORS? GAH!
  5. Name this kid.
  6. Must Pass Glucose Test On Monday. (I am reminded of this by the 3 snack packs and small handful of Hershey's miniatures I ate today.)
  7. Smack the next person who says, "Are you eating again?" The UPS man just did this, for reals.
  8. Attempt to buy a dress for a late September wedding when I will be fully at the end of my 7th month that could possibly be used again for something some day.
  9. Eat more fiber.
  10. Figure out daycare.
  11. Find a pediatrician.
  12. Find a list of the million other things I'm sure I have to do but just don't know what they are yet.

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