Tuesday, December 6, 2011

top 5: Christmas Songs!!

Here my Top 5 favorite "unconventional" Christmas songs (that until today I hadn't heard yet this year).

1. For some reason, Paul McCartney gets hated on. I like it. This is a pretty cool montage video, too.

2. This amazing duet never fails to get me all choked up.

3. Shush. I hadn't heard it. Now I have.

4. Bruce Springsteen Rocks. :)

5. Mariah Carey may be a bit wackadoo, but she's got pipes.

BONUS: Because I COULDN'T help myself when I saw the video was available on YouTube.


  1. hahah your BONUS one sure is a BONUS! ;D

  2. Hahahaha. Step 1....
    Also, why isn't Bruce number 1?!?!?

  3. Hilarious last one. Nice job keeping it real with the Christmas and the SNL! :)

  4. You know I love me some Dick in a Box. LOVE.

    And the Bruce...well...I had it on my Christmas mix cd. And I decided I don't love it as much as I thought. Sorry.


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