Wednesday, November 23, 2011

random crap from today

  • I got to leave work an hour early today. There's nothing quite like starting your 4-day weekend an hour early. I stopped for wine.
  • Nick is working Friday, so he only sort-of has a long weekend. He's making butt-loads of money that day though, so I'm thankful his job gave him the option of going in to work, but I'm sorry he has to get up stupid early on Friday.
  • At work today I put together a marketing piece soliciting Black Friday sales. The shame.
  • Operation: Reorganize Bedtime is starting right now. Nick is putting Ollie to bed tonight. The hope is that switching things up will break this habit he's gotten into of not wanting to be put down awake.
  • Tomorrow morning, I'm baking up some semi-famous cream cheese cookies. I got the recipe from my Mother in Law. This makes me happy and sad at the same time. I'm glad she gave me the recipe. I'm sad she won't be with us to eat them.
  • Before bed tonight, we played with Mr. Potato Head. I remember cracking up laughing as a little kid, singing the song from the commercial but changing the words, "Mr. Potato Head, and his bucket of FARTS, buckets of fun... for everyone!
  • Last night I went to my grandma's brother's funeral. Cancer sucks. Also: it's weird being in a room full of people, looking around and seeing the family resemblance, looking at photos on a slideshow and seeing your parents and grandparents looking SO YOUNG, and yet not really recognizing anyone. I'm grateful to have such a large, loving family, but it really is so odd to have a second cousin (my dad's cousin) who looks more like me than any of my first cousins.
  • I got an email from my aunt today. She was replying to my last blog post, and she said some very nice things about my writing. Thank you, Auntie M. (Auntie Em! Auntie Em!)
  • Happy Thanksgiving, y'all. (That large family I mentioned above is from Tennessee, so shut up, I'm legit.)

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  1. I hope the cookies kicked ass. I might try to make my mom's again this year.


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