Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Oliver's Sesame Street birthday party!

I was really, really happy with how Oliver's birthday party came together this year!

Here's the invitation:

I made these myself in Microsoft Publisher and had them printed up in 5x7

The logistics:

12:30pm - Oliver & Trent (my BFF's son visiting from out of town) go down for naptime.
Trent is sleeping peacefully and Oliver is fighting it. My mom stays behind to convince him it's time to sleep.
1:00 pm - get the car loaded up, head over to the hall with BFF Jen, start decorating. Brother shows up with a giant bag of ice and his helpful pants on. Mom drives over and we get shit done.
2:15 pm - Thanks to the help of my awesome crew, we are miraculously done decorating! Drive over to the dollar store for helium balloons, drive to pizza place and pay way too much money for pizza.
2:45 pm - back to the hall, husbands and babies arrive with the rest of the food, and it's time to get this party started.

I am so incredibly grateful for all the help I had putting this together - I couldn't have done it without my awesome family and friends and my amazing husband who is now famous for his delicious pretzel bread (with Hershey Kisses inside!!). 

Just before 3:00, when people started to arrive, I looked around and I couldn't have been happier.

Now on to the pictures!

a couple of my favorite details. lollipop tree and homemade cupcake toppers
balloon garland, strung with plain old needle and thread

bounce house, borrowed from a friend, indoors! which is why I love this hall.

an impromptu parade? don't mind if I do.

cupcakes & milk :)

elbow cake!!

Elmo loves you, Ollie, and so do we!


  1. Good job, mama! That looks like so much fun!

  2. I love that yall wore Elmo shirts! So glad it worked out ;)

  3. ADORABLE!!! i can't believe i'm just now seeing this! i love the balloon garland and the cupcakes and the.. ALL OF IT! :) i freaking LOVE pretzel bread. and with hershey kisses inside? WHA?!?!
    good job mama (and dad, too!) :)


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