Monday, November 7, 2011

the daddy on the bus

Nick has quite often taken issue with many commercials and some TV shows and how they portray men. You know the ones I'm talking about... the commercial for a vacuum cleaner where the lazy dude on the couch can barely be bothered to lift his feet as the woman gleefully pushes her new vacuum past him. Practically any ad for a cooking gadget or grocery store will show a wife shopping for and preparing dinner for her family in a healthier/faster/less clean-up required way.

Not that these things aren't the "norm" I guess, and not to say that many women aren't perfectly happy (or expected or at least not resentful) doing these things for their family. But the point is, it's not always the women doing the cooking and/or cleaning, and certainly in this day and age, the men in our lives don't plant their butts on the couch every night and weekend and not lift a finger to help around the house.

So the other day, after dinner, Oliver started randomly singing "The Wheels on the Bus" while we prompted him what line to say next.

The wheels on the bus go...? Wound and wound!
The doors on the bus go...? Open-ann shut!
The wipers on the bus go...? Swish-wish-wish!
The baby on the bus goes...? Wah Wah Wah!
The mommy on the bus goes...? Shh Shh Shh!

All through the town!

There doesn't seem to be any daddies on this bus*?

So we made up some words, totally in jest (and out of ear shot) about what the daddy on the bus might say.

The daddy on the bus goes [boobs and beer!]
[nachos and farts!] [porn and war!]
The daddy on the bus goes [work work work]
All through the town!

*I did find one website that referenced the parents on the bus going shh shh shh, and also the mommy on the bus saying I love you and the daddy saying I love you, too. But I thought our version was funnier.

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  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA love the new lyrics.

    You know what commercial pisses me off? The one for the sliced turkey meat and the family is going all crazy and the mom is managing the kids at dinner but the dad is sitting there enjoying his turkey sandwich. Who comes up with this shit? At least PRETEND that it isn't always like that. Gah sellers of stuff.


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