Monday, October 11, 2010

I live you

A simple typo, that wasn't changed by auto-correct.

I hit the "i" instead of the "o"...

but I like the meaning, just the same. It implies more than "I love you".

Not to say that "I love you" doesn't or shouldn't mean a lot...

But: when said 10 times a day, isn't it true that anything can lose a little of its meaning?

It's the feeling you intend to get across, and it's all you really need to say... when I tell Nick "I love you" I absolutely mean it from the bottom of my heart.

So I think next time "I live you" comes across I'm going to leave it.
Because it's true. I live him.


  1. Ah so cute and so true. But damn that auto correct and some of the random shit it comes up with.

  2. Oh you guys...(weepy)...I live you too.


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