Friday, October 8, 2010

bye bye breastpump

In June, we started supplementing my breastmilk with formula on a daily basis because we started making bigger bottles since he was chugging every drop we were sending to daycare.

Here were my initial, irrational thoughts:
  • what if he thinks it tastes funny
  • what if he gets constipated
  • what if this makes my supply tank
  • I thought there'd be more bullet points here
Here are the thoughts I had a few minutes later:
  • at some point, everyone goes through this
  • which not only means I'm not alone
  • we made it over 6 months!
  • how funny can it really taste?
  • the kid could probably use some variety
  • it's just formula. there are worse things that could happen to him...
  • like he could be hungry!
What all this means is that I didn't my mind feeling guilty at the end of a workday when I came up short.

And he's fine. OMG NO WAY. And I'm OK with it too, because I have to be and why not?


Now that he's almost one and hasn't breastfed in about two weeks?
  • He's still sleeping through the night - seriously, this kid is an awesome sleeper. I know it doesn't have anything to do with the fact that he's not nursing anymore, but his sleeping habits didn't change as he weaned, so we got that going for us, which is nice.
  • Solids have been a fun adventure! More posts on food to come, I promise!
  • I can drink a cup of coffee at 5 pm without repercussions
  • Bye bye, breastpump!
  • Hello, wine!
  • He's still such a playful, happy guy
  • I definitely still have my moments where I get all sad about it and miss that "special time" we used to have together, but I think about it less often than I thought I would.

Like I said before, I never really planned on full time nursing, it was just something I figured I'd try. But I loved it, and wouldn't trade that time we had for anything.


So now, we look forward. My baby is becoming a little boy, and he's so sweet and smart and funny that I'm actually feeling myself letting go of the past and maybe even living in the moment!

Oliver "Squiggy" Panza
in his first highchair


  1. I've read a few times that only 18% of women breastfeed past 6 weeks. You know what that means? You totally rock!!!!

  2. Hi there! I am your newest follower from the Friday blog hop!!! Lovely blog:) You can find me at

    Beautiful baby

  3. Congrats on bfing for as long as you did! I'm so glad you tried it and found it so special:o) I think, when the time comes, I'll be like you - I'll miss it, but not as much as I'm thinking I will because it will have *selfish* pros!


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