Tuesday, June 15, 2010

It's a major award!

My first blog award was given to me by Her Momma. Check out her blog, everybody. You think Ollie's hair is awesome? (You're right...) Check out baby Lovie... she is OMG THOSE CURLS SO CUTE OMG THOSE CHEEKS! So thanks for the award, Momma!

Now, to accept this award I have to list 10 interesting things about myself. I guess these are "honest" "scraps" about me. Oh, so clever.
  1. I have never seen Toy Story or Monsters, Inc., which totally blows Nick's mind.. They are now in our Netflix queue.
  2. I really dislike food with bones. It's not my idea of a good meal to have to work to get the meat off of chicken wings or ribs, and it makes me feel a little weird and caveman savage-like to be pulling the meat off of animal bones with my bare hands.
  3. There has been much debate in our family about which way to face the silverware when loading the dishwasher. Both sides have their merits: Face up? It probably gets cleaner, not being shoved down in the basket thing all jammed together. Face down? After the cycle is done & it's time to unload your hands never touch the part you put in your mouth or the sharp knife blades. The world may never know. Hm. This is supposed to be "interesting" and also about me. Is it interesting enough for me to admit to flip flopping on this issue? No? Sorry then.
  4. I hold my pee a lot. I don't know why.
  5. My son is 7 months old today. I have some pink nail polish on my toes that is older than he is by one day. Klassy!
  6. I met my husband in high school. Short version: he dated my friend, they broke up. We dated, and broke up. Seven years later we met up again and were instantly in love. It was like we had never broken up, except for the part where we learned from our past mistakes and realized what we wanted & didn't want in a relationship. We like to say we had to break up in order to get the stupid out of the way.
  7. I have 2 step sisters. I never mention them because I never see them. And because I don't like them.
  8. I am a huge Star Trek nerd. The Next Generation rules all. (HI, Mae!) I got this love from watching with my Dad and it's one thing that makes me feel close to him.
  9. I am a football fan. A Cleveland Browns fan at that. There. I said it.
  10. I probably could have come up with more interesting things, but I am a blog slacker and I wanted to get this post up for Tornado Tuesday! Hi, new friends! Here's a picture of my kid! 

OK, to finish up, I'm supposed to nominate other bloggers for this award. So, here are 5 folks I would like to know a little more about!