Tuesday, June 1, 2010


See that adorable little baby at the top of my right sidebar? ----->

I can't even look at that picture without tearing up. Baby Sam has cancer. Stage 4 neuroblastoma. My heart breaks thinking of him and his family. He's only a week or two younger than Oliver.

The fundraiser at Baby Rabies is amazing and awesome and has met and exceeded goal after goal so far... The current goal of $7500 by June 11th would cover a few months worth of COBRA coverage for Sam. As if they didn't have enough to deal with, they have to worry about insurance?

To read more from Sam's family please click here to visit their blog.

I'd provide a summary of the whole scary, heartbreaking situation... but I'm supposed to be working right now and can't keep my shit together long enough to go into the description.

Let's just say that really, this could be my baby, or your baby or my cousin's baby. But it's Alex & Cassie's baby and he deserves a chance and his parents deserve some breathing room.

#helpSam. To donate, click here. Give what you can. Cancer Sucks.