Friday, June 25, 2010

a few reasons why I love my son's dad

So, a while back, I mentioned a draft of a post I had brewing listing the 100 reasons why I love my son's dad. While I'm sure there are more than 100 teeny tiny specific reasons, I've realized that a lot of them can be lumped into categories or situations.  
So, in honor of our first Father's Day (yes, I KNOW it was LAST week, this is the minimum amount of time I need to get pictures out of the camera and into the blog) here are the top 10.
  1. The Work Dads. He's got his own little support system of other dads that he's friends with at work. Baby's got a runny nose & slight fever... is he sick or teething? Ask the work dads. When should we start feeding him solids twice a day? Three times? Ask the work dads.
  2. He fits right in with my family. I know we all have families we'd consider a little crazy or unconventional, but seeing him jump right in with all the aunts and grandmas makes my heart happy. My mom loves him, my grandmas love him
  3. He always knows how to make me feel like a million bucks - I get massages, there is a text waiting for me every morning "I love you! How did you sleep?" and throughout the day "How's pumpeen?"and dinner every night (for a time, while we were still getting used to our weekday routine it was even delivered to the couch).
  4. This man was born to be a dad. Watching them together makes my heart explode into a million pieces, reform and then melt into a puddle on the floor. True story.

    • Oliver's was the first diaper he'd ever changed, and now he doesn't think twice when it's diaper time. 
    • He's better at getting boogers with the blub-sucker-thing. (Aspirator. I know the word, it's just more fun to say booger-sucker-dealy.)
    • He can make the kid LAUGH. Like the really good bubble up from the gut kind. Even a few months ago (was it really only a few months ago) when the most we got was an errant smile - Nick was the first to get those smiles on command. EARTHQUAKE!!! (The "earthquake" is where you lay the baby on his changing table, grab opposite corners of the pad & wiggle.)

  5. We have that couple-with-mental-telepathy thing. The kind that can get annoying to others if we do it too much, like finishing each other's sentences and my only having to say EPIC! or BAZINGA! and he'll fall over laughing. This just makes life more fun & easier on both of us, I think. Like when a to-do list includes things like "pee floor" & "piz/sal" we don't have to question what it means.
  6. There's a lovely division of labor in our house - and we don't get pissed at each other for slacking... parenting & our marriage come first... housework is way down on the list.

    • I don't do floors - he doesn't do laundry
    • I don't do yard work - he doesn't do the checkbook
    • I don't do boogers - he doesn't do nail clipping 

  7. Our nightly bottle ritual: bottles are already clean since he's made that part of his afternoon naptime chores. *love* I fill the Dr. Browns with a lovely breastmilk/formula cocktail, he washes the pump bottles. I get lids & write labels, he gets Ollie's lunch packed. Carrots or sweet potatoes for lunch tomorrow?

  8. He's been making Ollie's baby food. It's so sweet how excited Nick gets over pureeing some pears. To quote: "He took one of my favorite things - food - and made it even better!" He's even started a garden. What's growing?

    • Squash
    • Zucchini
    • Tomatoes
    • Beans
    • Peas
    • Carrots

  9. He does things that need to get done - I know everybody's all like: DUH! but it's so many little things that add up to me not having to keep this stuff in my brain. Not just things like the trash, it's replacing the bulb in the bathroom night light & keeping the dog's food & water full. Big, important, life-altering tasks.
  10. I love my son's dad because we chose each other, he said I do, and without him I wouldn't have my little guy.


  1. Nick aka baby daddyJune 29, 2010 at 12:17 PM

    I do what I do for one reason: love. For a long time, I didn't think that true love exsisted. But, to be able to feel true, deep down, cockles of the heart love, not once, but twice, I feel I owe my hard work to someone or something. If it wasn't for you my dear love, I can only imagine where I would be. Probably not someplace awesome. And for that, my sweetest BB, I owe you and our little man the world, because I am now complete.
    Btw, bazinga = lol!

  2. OMG! What an incredibly beautiful post- and then I see the baby daddy's comment and I'm near tears!


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