Friday, April 2, 2010

Postpartum Thoughts

First, a picture.
Hey guys. Thanks for stopping by. Check out my chins.

Right then. So here are some post-partum thoughts, things I needed to get out of my head, and random updates... all neatly organized into numbered lists. You're welcome. *wink*

What I learned from being pregnant:
  1. Multi-tasking is practically a thing of the past. As with pregnancy brain, mommy brain is a real killer.
  2. Make lists. And let the small stuff go. Or better yet, let someone else do it. Speaking of which, I'm still working on the 100 reasons I love my son's dad post. Sure to bore everyone to death except for me and him.
  3. Everything you think you know is wrong. What I mean to say is, when you think to yourself: "I'll never co-sleep" or "Breastfeeding in public is weird" You Just Don't Know Until You're Actually A Parent. I think this is what all those (still supremely annoying) people mean when they said "just wait...
Things I wish I could go back in time & change during my maternity leave:
  1. I wouldn't have spent so much time thinking about going back to work. Seriously. I have guilt over how much time & energy I wasted thinking about how short my leave was & how hard it was going to be to go back.
  2. I would've worried less about "getting him on a schedule" - as it turns out, that's not our parenting style. We're breastfeeding on demand, co-sleeping, it's my baby and I'll hold him if I want to type parents.
  3. I should've worked on the baby book. Yes, I only had about 5 minutes a day I felt like I could just tune out, and usually spent that time zoned in front of the TV, but even a start on his book would feel like an accomplishment. And maybe I would've have felt less like I totally lost control.
  4. I would not have left the house til I felt ready - doctor's appointment aside - no shopping at two weeks old, it's too stressful! He was so little! It's not that I totally freaked out or anything, but the whole time we were out it just felt WRONG. I couldn't WAIT to get home. Maybe I won't feel that way with the second kid (yes, it probably will happen)... maybe the scary "brand new" thing will wear off faster.
  5. I really really wish I'd had a cosleeper like this one from Arm's Reach; basically it's a bassinet that attaches to the side of your bed... this would have made it so much easier to
  6. Try out nursing in bed a little sooner... once he had the appropriate head control, of course. But even before that, having him within "arm's reach" probably would have made things feel less like a battle.
*Giving credit where credit is due - I'd like to give a big shout out to breastfeeding because a) I still have not (knock on wood) gotten a post partum period; and b) it requires an extra 500 calories (approximately) to produce breastmilk, which is directly responsible for my weighing less now than I did before becoming pregnant. Woot!

Stuff I loved & am glad I had around:
  1. Cloth diapers for soaking up the barf - everyone says this but it is SO TRUE. All those cute little flannel blanket things are only good as blankets, they don't absorb for shit.
  2. A diaper stacker - I heard these are considered a waste of $$, but ours came with the crib bedding set and I love it!
  3. Colace - A must for post partum pooping. I took it toward the end of my pregnancy, and was glad to have it around after he was born because the thought of pooping made me cringe, and I didn't even have any tears! Just the idea made me go NO MORE PUSHING EVAR. And hey, speaking of bodily functions, take your first post-birth pee in the middle of your first post-birth shower! With all the gross leaking you're doing t's MUCH easier than the whole squirt bottle & blot dry (HA!) system.
  4. Pampers Swaddlers New Baby diapers - they have the stripe on the front that turns from yellow to blue to let you know they're wet. Perfect for newbie parents who otherwise would just change the kid every ten minutes because "does that feel full to you?" "I don't know" "Well maybe that's why he's crying" "Hell, it's worth a shot!"
  5. Gripe Water. He didn't like something I ate? He's having trouble working out that fart? He just plain needed something that tasted like fennel to distract him? I don't know what it is about this stuff but Oliver calmed down within minutes of getting a shot of the gripe water.
Stuff I bought because somebody said I was supposed to, but just turned out to be useless:
  1. Itzbeen baby care timer - I must admit, it was good to have while in the hospital since the nurses are all the time asking how long ago did he eat? It can also let you know which breast you last nursed from, which is a good thing before your milk comes in and one isn't any softer than the other. But, you have to remember to flip the little marker, and it's basically nothing a rubber band on your wrist can't take care of. We've barely used it since we came home. I made me too obsessed with how many hours it's been since he did this or that, which like I said before, isn't really our parenting style anyway, and who cares if it's been 1/2 an hour or 2 hours since we last changed him? If it's dirty, you change it.
  2. GIANT tub of vaseline - guess what? One tube of A&D has lasted way past the glob the stuff on his circ stage and having it around just recently caused me to MommyFAIL. I put it in his hair. It still hasn't come all the way out. But that's a story for another day.
  3. GIANT bottle of alcohol - you guessed it - this didn't get used once. Cause apparently you're not supposed to mess with the cord stump. Like, at all.
  4. Up & Up brand diapers from Target = FAIL. "Try the generic brand of diapers!" they said. "They're just as good as the overpriced name brands!" they said. I now say, "Bull." These dumb things have only a small strip on the front that the velcro tabs will stick to, so with a squirmy baby or a baby with a smaller waist these just don't work because you can't overlap the tabs. And even when they are stuck in the proper spot, it's not very strong velcro and can easily come open.
  5. Walmart brand diapers suck too. The tabs weren't very stretchy and the diaper overall felt cheap and plasticy. Yes, thank you spell check, I know that's not a word. I don't remember any significant leaks or anything, but when he would wet them, they would become very stiff and it seemed like they "filled up" very quickly, almost like the diaper was going to bust open since it had no give.
Honorable mention: the Diaper Genie.
  • Awesome because you can't smell anything coming out of there.
  • Bogus because the refills are HELLA expensive.
  • Awesome because Nick's friend from work bought it for us and he was so excited to get a gift from one of his dudes that he has faithfully emptied the thing.
  • Kinda BS because the lid sometimes gets stuck and oh yeah it has a BIG SHARP METAL cutting thing inside and you have to remember to tie off the end when you empty it otherwise you're screwed.
  • (Awesome because I haven't had to deal with this. See: delegation, first section.)
*For the record: Postpartum hair loss? I haz it. Apparently, it likes to start being noticable around 3 months post partum. Just in time for your kid to get really good at grabbing handfuls! Yippee!


  1. Totally. This is a post rich with wisdom! Your first list was especially "YEAh... I. Know! Yes!" for me.

    You're rockin' girl. *fist bump* This is the stuff baby books don't tell us :)

  2. AWESOME post. Everything you say is 100% true. Especially the fact that everything you said you wouldn't do (co-sleeping, nursing in public, etc.) you end up doing!

    Also, I totally wish I had a co-sleeper. I ended up taking mine off my registry at the last minute and borrowing a standard bassinet instead. The co-sleeper would have been so amazing though. Next time!

  3. I always thought that postpartum is all about depression, but I appreciate you sharing all these things to us.


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