Monday, March 15, 2010

I Feel Good

It's not a real big secret that I've been kinda down in the dumps lately. Chalk it up to baby blues, seasonal affective disorder, or just a personal laziness-induced funk... or all of the above. I had a little conversation with Nick about it over lunch, and I feel better... energized... hopeful. Being a mom is a lot of work. It may the best work I've ever done, but that doesn't mean it's not exhausting. I thank God for my husband... he's my inspiration, my motivation, and not to mention without him I wouldn't have my beautiful baby boy.

So aside from spending part of this morning, when I should have been working, getting lists together for spring cleaning and making a short list of Things That Must Be Done before I treat myself to a facial (I bought a coupon for it with my Christmas money) I started thinking about how even though I can't stop thinking about wanting to stay home with Ollie, it probably won't be a reality for me anytime soon. So, I will make the best of it. I started thinking about how nice it is that at least I like the people at the daycare center where he spends "school day". Some people aren't even that lucky... some have to drop their child off at a questionable place, or with questionable people... and I know I'm a worrier by nature, but that would be downright intolerable for me.

I'll get to the point... the part where I feel good. I was scrolling through my Google Reader, reading up on what alexa did this weekend, and at the bottom of her posts there's a reminder: "donate $16 to Providence House and help tuck a baby in tonight". Some parents are having so much trouble making ends meet and have no one else to turn to, that they need a safe warm place to leave their kids. Some parents, in an act more heartbreaking than I can imagine, and knowing that it's in the child's best interest, have to leave their baby in the hands of someone else for longer than a few hours a day while at work. What I like best about Providence House is that their goal is "reunification". This isn't foster care, it's a safe, temporary home for kids whose parents are struggling, but trying to get back on their feet to keep their family together.

$16. I can do that. So I did. Click through to either alexa's blog Cleveland's a Plum or the Providence House website to donate.

Reality check.

I am one lucky girl. I have a job, a beautiful family, great friends... it really doesn't get much better than this.


  1. After seeing the picture of the your husband and baby, I agree you are one lucky girl. More blessing to you and your family!


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