Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I made it through last week feeling just great, then starting last weekend, BAM! It's not the typical morning sickness... I haven't felt like going for it and just barfing, it's little things. Like, if I don't eat every two hours I start to feel bad. Like when I brush my teeth I get that uh-oh! feeling in my throat. Like, it's 11:00 am and I'm hungry, but NOTHING sounds good.

I tried to be prepared... peanut butter crackers, pretzels, baked chips and grapes are all on hand here at work. Nice, bland food with slight differences in texture just to have my bases covered, and the grapes thrown in just in case I want sweet. But, NO. I want pizza. Ooooh, PIZZA! Thank God I brought Stouffer's flatbread pizzas for lunch otherwise I'd be cranky.

Maybe I'll go make one now.

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