Wednesday, April 29, 2009

10 weeks.

Maternity clothes: Ahh, Walmart. Got two pairs of pants for $9 each. And had to buy a new bra again.

Stretch marks: Nope.

Sleep: Still going to bed about 9:30 every night, cuz when I'm asleep I don't feel like poo.

Best moment this week: One day I felt good. For like, HOURS at a time. It was awesome.

Movement: Yeah my waistline is "moving".

Food cravings/aversions: Cravings change by the minute... but ususally include bread, soup, and fruit. Aversions = anything not currently on the crave list.

Gender: A lot of the old wives tales (and a few of the old bags themselves) have been telling me girl. So now I want a boy to prove the effers wrong.

What I miss: Still miss being able to eat normal meals without fear.

What I am looking forward to: Either my next doctor's appt or the one after that where we will get to hear the heartbeat. Also, end of 1st tri when hopefully all this gagging will stop.

What I have learned: If I thought Nick was awesome before, he's only proven it to me again and again. Run to the store for ginger ale? Sure! Drive out to taco bell/panera/chitty diner instead of eating the groceries we just got? No problem! (Love you bb)

Milestones: Fetus!

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